Allegory of Science by Salvador Gurri

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In the Allegory of Science, Salvador Gurri represented a winged sphere resting on a book and crowned by a triangle inside a medallion. Inside this there is also a mirror and the staff of Mercury, while outside it there are various objects: a globe, a compass, an open book, a spear, a shield and an animal, the owl.

The winged sphere signifies that there cannot be science if the intellect does not rise above the mere contemplation of things; the book symbolises knowledge, and the triangle embodies perfection, the object of science. The mirror says that the senses afford the intellect cognition of ideal substances, while Mercury’s staff is a symbol of commerce.
The elements lying outside the medallion are related with various fields of knowledge – geography, mathematics and military discipline – while the owl is an attribute of the goddess Athena and a symbol of wisdom.

The relief is located on the balcony on the right-hand arm of the main stairway of the Llotja.


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