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Salvador Gurri’s Industry is a female figure, barefoot and richly dressed, who holds in her right hand a sceptre, on the top of which there is an open hand with an eye in the centre. At her feet there is a beehive. The sceptre is a symbol of greatness and readiness, while the hand signifies industry and artifice, because almost all trades are carried out with the help of the hands. The eye represents the prudence which must govern industry. As for the beehive, it symbolises constant hard work, for which bees have been well known since ancient times.

«Don Salvador Gurri on account for the Statues he is making for the main staircase, 90 pounds.» Reial Junta Particular de Comerç de Barcelona, 1802

Within the Neoclassical remodelling plan of the Llotja, the Royal Board of Trade of Barcelona commissioned two marble sculptures to decorate the first section of the main stairway which leads from the courtyard to the first floor of the building. Salvador Gurri i Corominas was the creator of the two works, which represent Commerce and Industry.


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