Janua caeli by Damià Campeny

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Damià Campeny’s Janua caeli is a static female figure holding a mantle in front of her with both hands. Her face bears an absolutely classical expression. The statue is located on the first floor of the Llotja, at the end of the corridor leading to the offices of the presidency and direction of the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of Barcelona.

Janua caeli is a sculpture of great beauty. Damià Campeny brought it back from Italy with him, but it remained under wraps for a long time, until 1844. In the contract signed that year between Campeny and the Board of Trade, it is recorded that the institution acquired it along with other works by the artist.

Campeny created the piece with the acrolith technique, a procedure he learned in Rome which consists of assembling a sculpture with marble and stones of various origins and colours. Each part is worked independently and then they are all fitted together. The aim is to achieve a natural polychrome of the figure represented.

On the base of the sculpture is the inscription “JANVA CAELI,” “gate of heaven.” According to some interpretations, the female figure is the representation of the Virgin Mary as the gateway to heaven, which would explain why she originally carried in her right hand a metal key. Both the key and the right index finger were broken off a long time ago.


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