Bonaventura Planella

(Barcelona, 1772-1844)

Bonaventura Planella i Conxello was a painter, stage designer and creator of ephemeral architectures. He specialised in allegorical and historical painting and in urban ornamentation for visits of important personalities to Barcelona.

Bonaventura Planella was born into a family of artists. His father, Gabriel Planella, worked as a stage design assistant at the Santa Creu Theatre. He was a student of Pere Pau Muntanya at the School of Fine Arts of the Llotja, where he studied stage design.
In 1802 he collaborated in the design of a royal masque – a cavalcade with carriages and mythological festive groups held in honour of a monarch – to commemorate the visit of Charles IV to Barcelona. The following year, he was appointed as a teacher of the School of Fine Arts. In 1815 he produced a series of engravings to pay homage to the Catalan patriots who, in 1808, resisted the Napoleonic invasion and were executed. Later on, Planella created another royal masque in tribute to Ferdinand VII on the occasion of his visit to Barcelona in 1827.

Between 1815 and 1840, Planella worked as a stage designer for a number of theatres all over Catalonia. His sons, Josep and Francesc, would also become well-known stage designers.

Author's works
at the Llotja de Mar

  • The Allegory of the Board of Trade

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