Antoni Solà

(Barcelona, 1780 – Rome, 1861)

Antoni Solà i Llansas is one of the pre-eminent sculptors of European Neoclassicism. He was a student of the School of Fine Arts of the Llotja, and in 1803 he received a grant from the Board of Trade to further his studies in Rome.

Antoni Solà developed his artistic career in the Italian capital, where he settled permanently, and he was one of only two foreigners – the other was the Dane Bertel Thorvaldsen – to occupy the presidency of the prestigious Academia di San Luca, the leading centre of dissemination of Neoclassical art. He participated actively in Roman cultural affairs, and in the artistic field he defended imitation of the Ancient Greeks and the search for ideal beauty, as can be observed in both his sculptures and his academic addresses and the lectures he gave to his students.

Solà received the highest distinctions of his time and worked for kings, princes and nobles and the Church. Works of his are conserved in Rome, Madrid, Bologna, Ourense, Havana and Mérida (Mexico). In Barcelona there are sculptures by Solà in the Sant Jordi Royal Academy of Fine Arts, the National Art Museum of Catalonia and the Frederic Marès Museum.

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