Portrait of Antoni de Capmany

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The painting is a full-body portrait of Antoni de Capmany i de Montpalau. It is likely that the background is one of the rooms of the Llotja, since one of the armchairs designed by Bonaventura Planella for the Board of Trade appears in it. On the table there are two volumes of the Memorias históricas sobre la marina, comercio y artes de la antigua ciudad de Barcelona, Antoni de Capmany’s most significant work.

The portrait of Antoni de Capmany i de Montpalau, the work of Modest Teixidor i Torres, presides majestically over the Consular Hall of the Llotja, a room filled with allegories to the Board of Trade.

The task carried out by the Royal Board of Trade of Barcelona and the work of scholars like Antoni de Capmany and Jaume de Caresmar are the foremost exponents of the Enlightenment in Catalonia. The members of this institution promoted the study of economic history as a starting point for stimulating the recovery of the country, a recovery which, in the opinion of enlightened Catalans, had to be based on fostering industry and foreign trade. Of all of them, Antoni de Capmany was possibly the most important intellectual of his time in the Iberian Peninsula.


The Consulate room

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