The Board of Trade, Protector of the Port of Barcelona by Pere Pau Muntanya

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In Pere Pau Muntanya’s oil painting The Board of Trade, Protector of the Port of Barcelona, the mercantile institution is personified in the goddess Minerva, the protectress of the sciences and the arts. She is sitting on a cloud, armed and dressed in warrior’s armour and helmet, and bearing the coat of arms of the institution.

Above her is Fame, dressed in a veil gathered halfway up her leg, and with two large wings; in one hand she holds a horn, and in the other an olive branch. On the other side, two cherubs hold a parchment with the motto of the Board of Trade: “Terra dabit merces, undaque divitias,” “the earth gives fruits, and the waves of the sea riches.” In the lower part of the composition, a female figure dressed in red, representing Industry, holds in her right hand a honeycomb with a group of bees flying over it. At the side of Industry there is a cherub with a cornucopia overflowing with fruits. The other figure that commands attention in the composition is Mercury, with wings on his helmet and heels, and the caduceus, the staff with two entwined serpents, with two small wings at the top. In the bottom left-hand part of the painting stands Neptune, the god of the seas and water. Above Neptune there rises a building in Neoclassical style, which could well be a reference to the Llotja, and the city’s harbour, with the lighthouse in the background.

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