The Allegory of Monarchy and Fame by Pere Pau Muntanya

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The four walls of the former secretariat of the Board of Trade are decorated with polychrome paintings with architectural motifs. And on the ceiling is the Allegory of Monarchy and Fame, by Pere Pau Muntanya.

«On Account of the Painting Work carried out by Jacinto Coromina, Jaume and Anton Casa in the Llotja House to wit: for painting the friezes on the three walls of the scribe's office on the San Sebastia side and mix the colours that the Decorators used on their walls and ceilings [...].» Reial Junta Particular de Comerç de Barcelona, 1802

Framed by a gilded border, two elements of the painting focus the attention: the crowned royal coat of arms and the figure of Fame that holds the coat of arms with the help of a cherub. Fame, winged as always, has in its left hand the characteristic trumpet with which it extols the grandeur of monarchy. Four more cherubs complete the composition: in the upper part, one holds a mirror and the other Hymen’s torch; in the lower part, one cherub grips the sword of justice while the other holds Hercules’ club, a symbol of force.

The ceiling of the secretariat of the Chamber of Commerce, the anteroom of the direction office, is also decorated with a mural painting. In 1802, Jacint Coromines ornamented the room with polychromes and grisailles. A large circle presides over the composition, and the decoration is completed with framings in grisaille, most of them with floral and figurative motifs.

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