Courtyard and Staircase of Honour

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 The neoclassical courtyard of Casa Llotja boasts a square ground plan and three openings onto each wing. In the corners are four vaulted niches with sculptures that represent the four continents. The courtyard fountain contains the figure of Neptune, in acknowledgement of the building’s maritime dimension. The courtyard is surrounded by a portico gallery and is dominated by the Staircase of Honour.

The Staircase of Honour, the work of the architect Joan Soler Faneca, is an imperial flight of stairs flanked by two sculptures representing commerce and industry. At the first landing it forks into two symmetrical sets of stairs that lead to the corridor parallel to the facade, above the courtyard.



  • Usable area 649 m²
  • Capacity 400 pax

Plane of the area

Plane of the area

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